Cryptic Freemarker Array in ODA

Apache Freemarker continues to be a challenge in ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant). I am trying to tackle Freemarker Array operations. It proves to be a headache to figure out how this works.


These are some tips and lesson learn from my battles with Freemarker Array operations.

  1. Check the actual JSON to determine the where the array is located e.g. root or sub items.
  2. Start with simple listview for Freemarker.
  3. Do backup and unit test often.
  4. Array location in sub items level may not be accessible directly.
  5. Index start from zero.
  6. Build your code template for Arrays because there are no many examples for ODA.
  7. Validation check in ODA does not work for Freemarker.

Array operations in ODA is one of the challenges faced during coding in ODA. While the validation do not work, you may need to test often to find the errors.


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