OTM Bulk Plan and Location

OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) depends on a lot of masterdata and conditions. You can try this planning tips to optimise your bulk plan. One of the key masterdata is the location. How should you setup your location masterdata for bulk plan?

Location Usage

Location masterdata can be a double edge sword for your bulk plan. If the location is setup correctly, optimisation will be fast and efficient. If you have many ambiguous locations, your bulk plan will end up taking longer than usual. Thus, locations should not be created as you wish but it needs to be properly updated in zones coverage. A single ambiguous location is sufficient to block the progress of your bulk plan!

Location Fields Impact

The completeness of location masterdata is a common issue. You will need to consider default value for all missing location fields. Utilise the 80/20 rule and judgment when you load location masterdata. If you have missing information for 80% of the location fields, you may consider to omit that field to improve your bulk plan. Common fields that will impact are:

  • Address
  • Location Zones
  • Transit time
  • Distance

Location masterdata is a critical for bulk plan. The accuracy of location plays an important part in shipment optimisation. If you are using many dummy locations, it is common to run into inefficient and ambiguity scenarios. It is always advisable to use realistic locations for your bulk plan.


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