Configuring Software Product 101

Configuring software product is the key trend and reason of moving to Cloud. Some key characteristics of configuration approach are real time changes, hotfix and self service features. Many traditional project manager have misalignment to apply development methods for configuration model. If you are one of them and new to configuration approach, you may find these tips useful.

Digital Transform Mindset

Digital transformation is a main component for configuration model. Many will think digital transformation is about application changes. In reality, this is transformation of your mindset to a configuration approach. You should be inclined to review products that are highly flexible and configurable instead of turnkey method. This is a commonly seen in many local offices where stakeholders try to engage local solutions to solve a global problem.

Tips for Configuration Project

If you are new to configuration project, you will likely need to adapt these few tips.

  • Configuration suits Agile.
  • Cloud allows configuration at various levels like infrastructure, applications or services.
  • Train insource SME (subject matter expert).
  • Organise your teams for configuration capabilities.
  • Engage management support to adopt configuration platforms.

The constant market changes and COVID-19 is spurring the configuration market. Many resources and education stay entrenched in software development practices. It is time you switch your mindset and embrace configuration practices. This way, you can stay relevance and adaptive.


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