IT Outsource to Co-Sourcing

Outsourcing will be on the decline as Cloud architecture grows with adoption. Many organisations are now turning to co-sourcing model because Cloud allows you to self service very quickly with configuration. This allows you to Agile quickly and adapt to different business needs. So, how should organisation make the switch to co-sourcing?

Recalibrate your Team

The first step to co-sourcing is to recalibrate your team skillset. This means your team will need to start to utilise their technical skills. A good start is to take on some enhancements changes internally instead of outsourcing to vendors. However, there are some teammates or management who cannot make the switch to this model. You will need to make the hard choice to rotate your team for co-sourcing inclined resources.

Co-sourcing with Vendors

The next step is to leverage your vendors for co-sourcing needs. You will also need to communicate to vendors your co-sourcing objectives. Both parties must build on mutual trust and work towards open knowledge and transfer of skillset. There is a misconception that co-sourcing will lead to a decrease of business for vendors. On the contrary, business will increase as more innovations can be implemented.

IT Co-sourcing is expected to overtake or even replace existing outsource model. There are two key steps to convert your organisation to co-sourcing. First, you need to recalibrate your team to build on technical skills. Then, you must communicate to your vendors for this vision and work mutually to achieve this model.


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