COVID-19 is not Flu

Singapore approach to treat COVID-19 as an endemic like flu is still plagued with confusion and risks. The general public grappled with this thoughts as Singapore cases continue to rise steadily. The latest measure is HBL (Home Based Learning) for Primary 1 to Primary 5 from 27 Sep to 6 Oct 2021. This shows the risks that existed if we want to consider COVID-19 as flu or endemic. Is the public ready to view Covid-19 as endemic?

No more Qurantine

As long quarantines exist, it is difficult to imagine an endemic environment. As Singapore reach above a high rate of vaccination, we will have to accept the high rate of transmission as a norm. Very soon, there should not be a need for quarantine. This is because quarantine provides a contradiction to endemic approach. Instead, it is a matter of time where vaccinations will be mandatory. These view will be spur when vaccination are approved for kids below 12.

A Future by Vaccination

The return to endemic will lead us to view COVID-19 differently from other endemic illness like flu. For once, vaccination becomes a condition to many places or even jobs. If you have COVID-19, you can also be at home recovery if vaccinated under Home Recovery scheme. It may even be possible that vaccinated will not require quarantine in future.

COVID-19 is a perfect case study for future on how to transition a pandemic to endemic. In this transition, vaccination becomes a condition and nearly mandatory. It is interesting to see how things continue to unfold in Singapore as we move to a endemic Covid-19.


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