OTM Bulk Plan Design for 3PL

OTM (Oracle Transport Management) bulk plan is totally designed for 2PL. It is ideal when your orders can be assigned and planned nicely into your desired equipment. On the other hand, you may want to design differently for 3PL (3rd Party Logistics). These are some quick tips that you want to consider in your 3PL bulk plan design.

Masterdata is Not Complete

Bulk plan configuration is dependent on masterdata availability. For 3PL, masterdata is never complete because you are a third party. Your bulk plan will definitely run into error if you design based on a comprehensive set of masterdata. Thus, the rule of thumb for 3PL is to assume incomplete masterdata from your bulk plan design. The key method is to set default values for missing masterdata.

Speed vs Optimisation

As 3PL, you usually have contractual rates or preferred service providers. Thus, you can speed up bulk plan by auto assignment of your constraints values. On the other hand, there are not much optimisation required for your shipments. Due to missing masterdata, optimisation will also be inaccurate or even result in bulk plan performance issues.

You cannot configure OTM bulk plan using the standard approach for 3PL. You must always assign default values for your missing masterdata. It is also obvious that you cannot optimise your shipment planning fully for 3PL. Thus, you should go for bulk plan design for speed with constraints rather shipment optimisation.


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