Cloud Expectations

Cloud expectations is a requirement that is often missed out. Unlike on premise, we often forgotten that Cloud is a product with constraints. Before you embark on a major cloud migration, it is recommended that you conducted a review of your existing architecture and expectations.

Understanding your Customisation

The common challenge with Cloud migration is customisation of existing on premise product. These customisation are often lost in translation over the years for legacy reason. Some of these customisation would even be uncovered during the cloud migration. Thus, it is important to do a deep analysis of your customisation. One guideline is called CEMLI (Configuration, Extension, Modification, Localization, and Integration) framework by Oracle.

Prepare your Cloud Expectations

Cloud expectations requirement must be translated to your critical success factors. These expectations will determine the effectiveness of your cloud migration. It is common to realise these expectations are missing. The user expectations will also mitigate the risks from Cloud migration. One such cloud expectation will be business continuity and minimum disruptions to operation.

There is a relationship of customisation and cloud expectations. Cloud is a product and will have larger gap for heavily customised on premise application. Thus, you will need to set clear cloud expectations to mitigate these risks. One common way is removal of customisation in preparation for cloud migration.


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