Software Transition Phase for Cloud

During digital transformation, transition phase from legacy to cloud platform will be necessary when you are having complex web of tightly coupled applications. These are the symptoms where you need to consider transition steps before moving to your final To-Be state.

Data Flow Diagnostic

Data flow diagnostic will reveal a history of changes that have created data inconsistencies across integrated applications. You need to do a data flow analysis to understand the data sources and output. It is important to note that there will existing discrepancies in how data flow from your application to others. This is a key sign that you must correct these flow before migration to Cloud. If you choose to migrate the same data flow, you will definitely encounter the need to customise your cloud architecture to handle the legacy data flows.

Fog of War

Another need for transition phase occurs when you encounter “fog of war” between applications. This happens when application have no idea on what the data are being translated or used. This uncertainty creates a high risk if you are going to migrate directly to cloud. It is worth to invest a transition phase for risk mitigation and discovery of the unknown scope.

There two key symptoms listed in a complex coupled application environment are candidates for a transition phase in your migration to cloud. The transition phase will help to correct legacy design and gain clarity in your final cloud objective.


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