Building a Stakeholder List

In many projects, stakeholder list is the output of stakeholder analysis activity. Not many are aware that you can actually anticipate the type of the project outcome from stakeholder list. These are the red flags that you need to lookout when you are reviewing the stakeholder list.

Get the Right Stakeholder

The creation of stakeholder list is important because you can review the roles of each stakeholders. It is common to see names that are just participants and not contributors. A right stakeholder must contribute and be accountable. If they are not fulfilling these objectives, it is worthwhile to reconsider these names.

Champions and Sponsors

For projects veterans, you will soon realise the importance of champions and sponsors. These two roles are critical success factors for all projects implementation especially digital transformation. Many of enjoyable successful projects I worked with have such players. These stakeholders make a great difference to the projects. They often provide morale, passion and clear direction to projects.

In many projects, there are moments where stakeholders are inserted based on political or namesake reasons. You should remove these stakeholders and ensure the right ones are there to contribute and be accountable. Champions and sponsors are necessary to provide the right support and ensure your projects are driven in the right direction.


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