RAD with Apex

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is around since the days of Visual Basic (VB). Since then, there is a preference of lightweight and low code framework with Agile approach. APEX (Application Express) is one such framework offered free with Oracle database. What does this signal for heavyweights like Spring or J2EE framework? Should you switch to low code like APEX?

Ease of Maintenance

The key push factor to switch to low code framework like APEX is the ease of maintenance. This helps users to focus on solving business problem rather then creating technical solution. Changes can be made and deploy quickly. This suits high complexity and exploratory problems where scope is largely unknown.

Business Driven Skillset

Low code environment places emphasis on outcome instead of being expert in thr programming language. Thus, platform like APEX suits users who are not technically inclined to setup entire infrastructure like servers and database. This emphasis business driven skillset like problem solving instead of technical skills. Users can also realised business solutions quickly with low code deployment.

The switch to low code platform like APEX will be growing. This is driven by the need for agile solutions to solve changing requirements. Usage of APEX also allows citizen developers to co-own and maintain the development.


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