Another UTurn of COVID-19

Finally, Singapore cave in to reality checks of COVID-19 when measures are tightened again with work from home as default. This is largely due to the confusion on how the entire population should view this as an endemic. These messages create a false sense of security as some organisations are quick to resume work in office. Subsequently, these activities created clusters at workplaces as the rising cases strain on the medical resource. How should this be improved as we want to adopt an endemic approach?

Guidelines must be Clear on the Risk and Consequences

The typical decision markers in some organisations are quick to follow guidelines blindly. These are traditional views where some organisations or public trusted the guidelines without proper self evaluation of their risk managment and staffs profiles. There are risks when staffs have family with small kids. Of course, it is unfair to blame this on the guidelines. After, guidelines are not rules but to be taken with correct understanding of risks appetite. By now, we seen that these guidelines should highlight the risks and consequences that organisations must undertake if they choose to follow it to the tee.

COVID cannot be treated like Flu

By now, we know that COVID-19 cannot be treated like a common flu. It is a new set of policies, guidelines, risk management or even communication to be educated with the general public. After all, we are still learning how to manage Covid-19 like an endemic. These hard lessons should reflected and not to be treated lightly (pun intended)! It is recommended that organisations must setup these new set of guidelines if they want to adopt an endemic view to Covid-19.

The past few weeks of trying COVID-19 as an endemic is creating a state of confusion. This is largely due to the need of new management approach on how to consider Covid-19 as an endemic. It is obvious that a clear articulated communication plan must be thought out for the “blindsided”. In the meantime, it is better for majority to be conservative as safety comes first for kids and high risks groups.


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