Cloud Security 101

Cloud security is a standard model for many cloud platform. This can be easily deployed with wizard in many cloud platform for the virtual cloud network. If you are new to Cloud, you may need to know some basic Cloud security first.

Cloud Segregation

The basic security for cloud is data segregation. Data are secured by limiting exposure and restricted by user roles and security policies. Standard wizard network will split between private and public subnet. Most components should be within private subnet and restricted to a single access point. The plus point of cloud is that many of infrastructure security will be handled by cloud providers if you are using PaaS or SaaS.

Identity Security

If you are not using IaaS, majority of cloud efforts will be spend to maintain and design identity security. Identity Management is usually a common product provided by major cloud providers. The ease of integration and availability of single sign on remains the preferred choice for developers.

The basic of Cloud security is divided to cloud segregation and identity security. These are the standard security model that you will encounter if you are new to Cloud. The configuration of security is still not user friendly and it still required some basic knowledge of security to appreciate these security approach.


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