Chatbot Team

After months of Chatbot review, I find that NLP (Natural Language Processing) development is a different ball game. These are some skillset that you may want to consider to build your Chatbot team.

A new Paradigm

Chatbot is a new paradigm. Thus, it will take experienced developers to change and gat used to this approach. You will need to find someone who is patience and willing to redesign from a user centric approach. An entrenched mindset will be difficult for development of Chatbot.

Right Fit not Right Skills

If you are building a Chatbot team, do look for aptitude instead of someone with good technical skills. Thus, a person who is interested to Chatbot development is a better fit. Technical skills can get obsolete but a person who have the right learning mindset will grow with Chatbot.

Chatooth development is a new paradigm and faces resources issues in filling these roles. You should aim to build a team who is dedicated to grow and champion the usage of Chatbot. If not, it will remain another white elephant as time goes by.


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