ODA Custom Component

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) custom component is a nice addition to extend the functionality of Chatbot. With custom component, you can utilise the functionality of NodeJs and integrate to backend services. However, it is not straightforward to be used for the typical users. You will need an intermediate level of development to understand and set it up. Of course, it is great if you have someone to guide you the overwhelming process. Here are some tips to get you started on custom components.

Getting Started

The best way to get started on custom components is to go through below steps.

  1. Read and understand the purpose of custom components.
  2. Do the tutorials for custom components.
  3. Modify the sample template for simple use case.
  4. Test your custom components and enable logs.
  5. As you build more custom components, you will gain confidence for complex use cases.
Moving Forward

Custom components is a good addition. However, you will need to be familiar with JavaScript and Integration of Cloud services. It will take a while before cloud providers can come up with wizard, template or even SaaS. Meanwhile, you may need a lot of patience to setup the base library of custom components for your business needs.

One method for integration to backend services is done via custom components. It take courage to take the first step to do the tutorials. Once you setup your environment for custom components, you can create simple custom components for your use case. This will build your confidence to develop more complex scenarios.


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