Project Satisfaction

Projects always have an outcome. We must learn to set a realistic expectations for a positive outcome. Positive outcome is correlated to project satisfaction and happiness. Project satisfaction creates many positive effects that will increase revenues and enhance team capabilities. What is project satisfaction and how should you achieve it?

Setting Expectations

Many satisfaction studies often refer to expectation theory as a main point for positive outcome. Likewise, the project expectations must be set right from the start. Project success is not equate to project satisfaction. This is because stakeholders are unhappy when their expectations are not met.

Project framework usually state expectations loosely as scope. However, scope does not include the attachment to legacy, behavioral changes or resistance. Thus, expectations are much more than scope because it includes the one’s efforts and perceptions to achieve the project positive outcome.

Expectations Management

Desire or ignorance are part of human behaviors that arises in many projects. High expectations are set when desire grows too strong for comfort. Vice versa, ignorance lower expectations and users become disillusioned with the project. Expectations management will be new form of engagement that combine change management, digital transformation or even user adaption process. This allows a formalise method to under what goes beyond the stated scope for project satisfaction.

Project satisfaction will be a critical indicator to measure project implementation. Positive project satisfaction comes from structured expectation management of stakeholders to achieve a high positive outcome.


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