Serverless 101

Serverless is a great concept for Cloud. It really abstracted the infrastructure and let the developers focus on application. It is also build on the model of on-demand or “pay as you use”. This really change the development approach to a focus on coding and simplify the deployment of backend services. Conceptually, the idea is great. However, organisations are not quick to embrace and digital transform to serverless. A key reason is understanding of serverless and how to make the switch.

What is Serverless?

Serverless literally means “no server”. Developers build applications on abstraction layers like containers or dockers. The focus is shifted to coding and cloud providers will handle the servers like maintenance, capacity, high availability or fault tolerance. Effectively, your codes only consumes resources when in usage. Some called this FaaS (Function as a Service).

Barriers to Serverless

Serverless concept is a major part of digital transformation. This is because it disrupted your legacy infrastructure and application development model. Most organisations do not have switch because of change required to transform existing legacy coding for serverless. In addition, there is a lack of understanding on how serverless can bring benefits. Of course, you will also need to understand which applications are suited to serverless approach.

Serverless is a part of digital transformation and it is not possible to avoid this step. You will need to understand and determine the advantages of serverless and what it could bring to your development team. A way you can do so is to start small and pilot simple functions on serverless.


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