COVID! Please Stay Indoors

In Singapore, Covid cases continues to rise as we are advised to stay indoors or avoid crowded places as part of COVID-19 measures. Work from Home is also a default to stem the increase. Elderly are advised to stay indoors as they are high risk group in contracting COVID-19. This comes not as a surprise as fatalities remain high for elderly!

Self Service ART

Taking national exam requires self service ART (Antigen Rapid Test) test. Even going back office will need ART test as well. This totally does not sounds like what we do for flu. The test adds to fuel as we divided and segregated vaccinated or ART tested people in daily lives. The new norm we crave is now littered with tests and Covid vaccination proof. Now, it seems we will be moving in ambiguity amid the various proof to be provided.

Advisory is Ineffective for Elderly

In ambiguous world, giving an advisory is not effective for the elderly. You cannot expect elderly to stay indoors or conduct daily ART. Staying indoors will be bored for them as they need social interactions. Taking ART is unrealistic unless this test is free or simplified. Thus, It is always recommended to take a firm message instead of issuing advisory.

The current measures have a similar effect with lockdown as we stay indoors and avoid risk. However, a constant stream of population will continue outdoors because this is not a lockdown to them. The confused measures will continue to contribute to increase cases as we balance acceptance of COVID-19. At this rate, it is unlikely we can move towards a maskless and testless endemic for the next few months.


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