A Useful Cloud Template

If you are dabbling in cloud, you will find that there are a few key cloud design model. I find that these standard design cloud architecture are useful templates. These templates can help developers to set up this quickly without the help of infrastructure or security experts. One key cloud template is a pair of public and private subnet in a virtual network with a gateway.

Security Model

Developers want to deploy the infrastructure quickly without worry of security. The design model of private and public subnet protects the access of sensitive data and components. This model is now easily template like AWS Cloudformation. If you are reviewing cloud template, do look out template like this to address security requirements.

Standard is Good Maintenance

Standard design model makes good maintenance for all support. Thus, the template makes developers to conform design pattern. This makes it suited for support like DevOps or Agile approach. Therefore, creation of common template leads to a standardisation of application infrastructure.

One of the most useful cloud templates is the deployment of private and public subnet with a gateway. This simple model can cater to many applications and and conform to security concerns. It also helps in the standardisation of your application architecture and enable your DevOps capabilities.


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