Application Customisation is Costly

The high customisation cost in turnkey project is driving many organisations to look to Cloud product. Another major factor is initial sunk cost for customised application. On the contrary, cloud costing model is “pay as you use”. Thus, there is little incentives to look for turnkey application.

Time to Change

In the past, applications are designed to conform to internal business processes. It is common to find different SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) within a business unit. Fast forward to present, best practices are built into product. Existing SOP will need to change to adapt the best practices.

Exponential Cost of Customisation

Customisation cost will grow exponentially because SOP have become unique and non-standardised. Software and skillset have become locked in and face the possibility of being outdated. You will either need a refresh of technology stack or removal of customisation to stay relevant.

It is time to consider a standard product stack on a cloud platform. You will need to house your customisations in a separate logical compartment. That way, you can minimise your customisation costs and leverage on the advantages of Cloud.


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