Process Driven IT

There will be challenges when business is not aligned with IT. One of key reason is process driven IT. Processes forms many of the flow that business need for IT to flow with one another. If there is no processes, data will exist in silos with the rest of applications. Without processes, business can demand features without consideration to operations.

Processes as Sanity Check

One of common IT failures is the lack of processes when IT is implemented. Users may request for features that does not have existing processes. This is usually a result if references to competitor application. Thus, request for new scope must be supported by expected processes (To-Be). It serve as a sanity check for the “As-Is” processes.

Processes as Barrier

Not al IT requests should be implemented. If there is a reason to say no, you can utilise processes as barriers. It is not surprising that users have no idea how the new features can gel with the existing processes. It takes time to update existing processes and change human behaviors

I usually implement IT enhancements with a process driven mindset. It is easy to gauge the effectiveness of the enhancements when there are not existing processes. Therefore, processes can serve as barriers to stop the users requests.


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