Geolocation API

Geolocation API is becoming a standard default feature for many applications. This is due to the proliferation of mobile devices. Browsers also comes embedded with geolocation capabilities on laptop. There are still user considerations if you want to implement geolocation API for your application.

Relevance and Privacy

The implementation of geolocation API is subjected to privacy and relevance. For privacy, you can allow location access to the application. However, it is the control of users to provide this information. It is possible that you may not get the required location data. The relevance of location is as accurate as the timeliness of the data entry. Users may be updating the data at a different place from the intended location. If this is the case, location is no longer relevant.

The Future

Geolocation API is as reliable as the user permission and timely usage. You may query if geolocation API method can replace your mandatory user update of location. For the moment, this may not be the case. However, it will become a reality in future because getting connected will require your location data to provide the best choice of services.

Geolocation API is getting sophisticated and ubiquitous. There will come a time where this data is provided by default. While it is still subjected to user permission in the present, you can still consider enabling geolocation API approach to automate your location data collection.


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