Upgrade or Migrate to Cloud

With strategic change of many software companies to cloud, organisations have two options for their aging applications. One, you have to upgrade to the latest version to extend their support life. Two, you migrate your application to cloud version. What will be your rational for these options?

Upgrading Rationale

Cloud based products differs from their counterparts because of the ease of customisation. The extent of customisation and your comfort level to risk will determine how much you will opt for upgrading options. However, the major risk continues to exist due to the end of support for your application. Upgrading options only help to extend time needed for your preparation to cloud.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration should be the default choose because the end of support is real. Regardless of the option taken, the end game is cloud migration. However, cloud migration involves entire redesign of your architecture. There are also refactoring done to existing codes. The key difference with upgrading rationale is the higher risk. The risk includes the architectural changes and code changes that will impact your customised product.

The option to upgrade or migrate to cloud differs in the duration or risk management. The end point will remain as migration to cloud. Upgrading are able to provide you extra time to lower your risk to cloud.

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