Upgrading Dilemma

During upgrading of system, you will be face with dilemma. This is mostly due to outdated support of system components or architectural changes. How should you handle the dilemma faced? Will this be showstopper to your upgrading project?

Preemptive Upgrades

System upgrades will create known issues and fixes. Experienced upgrading team is able to preemptively plan and check for known issues. These known issues should come with standard resolution approach and fix. This preemptive strategy is to fix as much as possible on these known issues. In the process, you will encounter dilemma on some known issues that cannot be fixed.

Waiting Dilemma

One of the worst upgrading dilemma is waiting dependency. It usually happens when multiple parties or teams are working on the upgrading project. Each team have a dependency task on another. Deadlock may even occur when teams are waiting for one another. This dilemma is detrimental and results in delays.

Key challenges for upgrading dilemma impacts scope and timeline. It is advisable to get experienced upgrading team who faces these dilemmas. Dependencies must be clear and be avoided at all cost. Expected results of dilemmas results in showstopper and delays in the projects. Do be aware and plan for upgrading dilemmas with the best approach.


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