ODA Chatbot Skills

ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) Chatbot Skills are like modules or features in applications. They help to group your chatbot for specific purpose. It is like discussion of a particular topic. The topic is what you can relate this to a skill. A collection of skills are then called be Digital Assistant. I find that there is two approach to plan and group your skills. The first approach is to define skill as a task with a goal. The second approach is role based skill.

Skills as Task Oriented Design

You can design skill to be task oriented. This means each skill have a final goal in mind. The good part is that this method allows reuse of skills when you group them in Digital Assistant. You will realise that you may have many skills that are loosely coupled. This give complexity for users to and use different skills. Example, customer who wants to order a book and make payment will be two different skills and goals.

Role Based Skills

To handle the seamless flow across skills, I realise that you can design skills to be role based. This will group different skills for a role. The key advantage of this approach is the ease of managing the conversation within the role. For instance, a customer who wants to order book and make payment will be group as customer skill.

The standard approach to use skills is task driven. However, this lends complexity to make the conversation flows across skills. Thus, you can consider designing role based skills to manage all the activities for the role.


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