How to Handle OTM Model

OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) is a product for transportation management usage. However, its usage can varies for different organisations. Knowledge of OTM does not mean you can instantly create a solution based on your past experiences. It only helps you to understand OTM terminology. On the contrary, you may end up fixated with your own mental model of OTM and neglect the model in current organisations.

Adopt a Flexi Mindset

The tricky part of OTM is the ability to create many transportation model. It is easy to fall into the mind trap of a particular design with OTM model. Thus, you must acquire a flexi mindset. This will help you learn the different model being adopted within the same organisation. Your past experiences with OTM is to help you quickly spot the differences and approach being used in the OTM model.

OTM is Process Driven

OTM is a process driven tool. Many will relate OTM as a technology tool and go straight into then OTM configuration. This is a basic elementary mistake by all noob OTM. You must always find out the current process before jumping into OTM solution. Time have shown that OTM configuration is easiest when process flow is provided.

OTM allows fluid design of different transportation model. You need to have a flexible mindset to study. Do note that OTM is process driven. Thus, the OTM model should be driven by process and not technical features.


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