Co-creation 101

Have you tried Co-creation process with your consumer or contractor? It is a form of collaborative method where two or more parties work to contribute to the product development. Open source software is a good example of this approach. With Cloud platform, you can also adopt this method to actively digital transform and create your knowledge capabilities in-house.

Why Co-creation?

Self-service and satisfaction are the major push for co-creation. The need of self-service allows users to create products with closer fit to their expectations and requirements. This brings increase satisfaction and commitment to the success of the product. Co-creation also allows greater participation throughout the product lifecycle. It is best aligned with agile process to adapt to changes.

Setting Ground Rules

The approach to implement co-creation depends on your needs. It is important to set ground rules if you wanted to engage your users or contractors for co-creation process. Some of these ground rules involves the level of control or access the co-creation can cover. Other forms of collaboration involves the communication and risk entails by the participants. The most important portion is to ensure information transparency among the collaborators.

Co-creation approach works well with Agile for Cloud. It is the best middle ground approach between outsourcing and insourcing model. You can gain internal capabilities and ensure better satisfaction for your users with self-service technologies. However, do take note to set ground rules before you embark on your first co-creation project.


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