My Software Upgrade is Stuck

Software upgrade in mobile phone is a bliss with automated updates. You can even schedule the upgrades when you are asleep. All these are so ubiquitous that we take little note of it. The agony comes when your upgrade is stuck. This is where you are required to either not upgrade or change your existing mobile phone. Sounds familiar? These are common options faced in all applications.

Do Not Upgrade

Unfortunately, the option not to upgrade have an expiry duration. The period that you are not required for upgrade is likely last two years or so. After this duration, existing applications cannot support the older version. You may also realise your application cannot work for older version. In some case, the software upgrade is not supported in your older mobile phone. An example is Internet Explorer (IE) where you need to switch. Other risks are security patches and audit concerns for applications.

Fix the Root Cause

The root cause for stuck upgrade is a tough process. Standard support requested are logs from your mobile. You may find these root cause are mostly unresolved. Thus, typical resolution is to upgrade your hardware or mobile phone. Another form of resolution is the removal of customisation. The efforts to find the root cause for stuck upgrade will be a long waiting process. This stuck will end up as critical task.

Automatic software upgrade is envisioned for the future. However, it gets sticky if your upgrades are stuck. The options taken are standard for all applications. You can either forgo upgrade or find the root cause. The root cause is a time consuming process and you need to take account the wait time.


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