Composability 101

Composability is an interesting term I came across in this article. It will redefine how teams are structured and managed in organisations. In summary, composability is a design principle to view the interaction between different systems. Organisations must move towards highly composable architecture to satisfy continuous user needs. Basically, it is how you are able mix and match your components together with ease.

Being Composable

The shift to composability is not new. Web services or SOA (Service oriented architecture) are earlier design of composability. The push to be highly composable is triggered by COVID-19 pandemic to be resilient and adaptive to business requirements. Unlike SOA, composability aims to be modular yet stateless. It is the vision to fully plug and play with quick and minimal cost.

Composable Technologies

Cloud platform is the best example of Composable technologies. You can quickly deploy and configure different architectural model within a short time frame. Different services can also integrate quickly using REST API. These technologies disrupts the traditional way of implementation business requirements. You will need to utilise Composable technologies to accelerate your collaboration and system delivery.

Organisations are now digitally transforming to composability mindset. The typical approach is to migrate to Cloud. Teams will be formed to be Composable and Agile. The ability to react will be the future way on how we develop our technologies as enabled to business needs.


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