PMO for Agile?

PMO (Project Management Office) will be facing a dilemma soon. This is because many of the standards from PMO derives from waterfall model. As organisations shift towards Agile for project implementation, can we transform these PMO for Agile approach? This is one area that digital transformation can consider!

Photo by Ethan
PMO Relevance

Like all trends, project methodology moves towards Agile as mobile apps and Cloud become prevalent. PMO functions as “enforcer” or standards for standards like PMP or PRINCE2. It also serves to facilitate, support or even control project implementation. Relative to Agile, this is like a scrum master role! Does this means that PMO is no longer relevant with rise of Agile? Should PMO be transformed to scrum master roles?

Transforming PMO

For starters, I will advocate the transformation of PMO as scrum master if your organisation is going to adopt Agile as the main project approach. There will be a gap in project alignment when you are transitioning from waterfall to Agile. Rather than digital transformation, I will deem it as a project transformation journey. The new scrum master (formerly PMO) should be in charge of guiding the project transformation to Agile.

The adoption of Agile become stronger and stronger as organisations require speed and adaptability for projects. PMO will no longer be relevant because of these digital transformation. Thus, project transformation should be driven by the transformed PMO (scrum master). By now, you will realise that digital transformation involves the need for PMO to transform for Agile.


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