End of COP26 Deal

The end of COP26 deal making saw a clear division of views for sustainability. Targets are set but lack the commitment of rich Nations. Overall, this conference is a small step to save the dying Earth. What are the good things that we know from COP26?

COP26 Outcomes

Glasgow Climate Pact was the outcome that came from COP26. This pact had its up and downs. Some claimed it’s a milder version of what was expected. The key outcomes are:

  • Reduce carbon or achieve net zero carbon.
  • Limit temperature rise to 1.5C
A Mild COP26

Resistance remains from carbon nations. There were talks that zero carbon is the desired goals. However, these were rejected from heavy carbon countries. The interventions from these countries had prevented a more aggressive target.

These climate conferences are like a tug of war. There are often push and pull factors in committing on sustainability. We will see this “wayang” for the years to come because coal remains a cheaper energy source. Can Earth be patience to wait for full commitment? Only time will tell.

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