Test Grouping Tips

With the increased migration of Cloud or upgrading activities, testing efforts are increased exponentially. Full testing is often ideal but unrealistic and costly. Thus, you will need to strike a balance in your testing coverage. One method is to group your test cases to reduce the testing duration. However, there are ways to prepare for this approach.

Preparing for Test Group

The purpose of test group is to reduce cost and efforts. You can also maximise testing coverage with minimal test cases. However, you will require deep understanding of your test cases before you can conduct a proper grouping. There are many approaches to group your test cases. A common way is to group the application features. Other methods involves functional grouping or customer groupings. You can also group by user base or locations. While there is no right or wrong, the key is to obtain the most efficient grouping.

Agile your Test Grouping

There is a misconception that test grouping is fixed when testing is on-going. This statement is true for many waterfall projects. On the other hand, you are encouraged to iterate your test groups if you are running on Agile. The testing process will gauge the effectiveness of your test grouping. It is important to update your test grouping to maximise your test coverage. As opposed to waterfall mindset, test groups process will lead you to design a better testing approach for your next Agile sprint.

Testing is most efficient and effectively if you can group them properly. Preparation is a key part to start your test group on the right track. You should also be prepared to amend the groups accordingly for your next Agile sprint.


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