REST in Peace

Recently, we are exploring a lot of REST API. Although REST is quick and simple, there are challenges to take note while using it. This is because we are used to field types such as date. There are also things to take note while handling the different REST methods like GET or POST.

When REST don’t work!

REST services can be challenging to troubleshoot when it’s not working. One of my favorite tool is Postman. This allows you to test REST endpoints quickly. The most common errors of REST endpoints encountered in Postman are firewall, parameters and typos. Half the battle is won if you can get your REST working in Postman.

The Other Part of REST

If your REST is working in Postman but not working in your application. Then, this part of issues likely lies in your application configuration for REST. The way to troubleshoot can be broken into the following parts.

  • Setup of REST endpoints
  • Configure then right parameters
  • Unit test of REST methods
  • Check your logs

The failure points for REST can be a real test for your patience. You will need to trace each steps of the REST methods. This will help you determine the root cause. Most of time, errors are due to configuration, parameters or typos. Stay strong and hang in there!


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