APEX Interactive Grid and REST

Oracle Apex Interactive Grid is a cool feature. You can quickly deploy CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, it does not work well using out of box REST data source. We realise this after a week of troubleshooting as to why our REST endpoints keep failing.

REST Enabled

I will be looking forward to products with REST enabled capabilities. In the Cloud world, it is common to find data sources with various REST endpoints across different cloud platforms and/or on premises data sources. Thus, it is surprising to see interactive grid that is not fully REST enabled.

Custom Coding Required

You will need to REST enabled interactive grid with PLSQL coding. I found a step by step blog with an example to do so. However, I am still trying to get this to work as I have faced a variety of issues. In summary, the solution is to use custom PLSQL code to invoke POST, PUT or DELETE REST methods.

The challenges of low code and product like APEX is the understanding on constraints of each feature. You can only learn this via extensive usage for your use cases. In this case, we realise interactive grid are not fully enabled for REST data sources. I will not wish myself luck to get it working with custom PLSQL. Fingers crossed!


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