APEX Debug 101

Today, I finally figured out how to work the APEX debug. It was not straightforward due to a little fine print that we need to do get it working. This is a pretty good reference that I used to get started. However, I only manage to make it work after a few hours of tweaking and a single line of essential code!


APEX have a debug utility functions. This helps you to instrument your PLSQL code to log your errors and messages. The most important debug I find is ENABLE procedure and the level information. Without this debug function, you will not be able to see your logging appear.


Another key reason why I am not able to see my logging appears is the p_level setting. You need to read the fine print carefully below.

For example, setting p_level to 2 logs any message at level 1 and 2.

Initially, I did not think much of the level as this is usually not needed for dbms_log. I enable the p_setting to level 2. Then, I keep wondering why apex_debug messages are not showing. It is only when I set the p_level to 4. This means you can only see apex.debug only at level 4. The error constant is not a criticality view but have a secondary meaning in showing the types of debugging logs.

c_log_level_error constant t_log_level := 1; — critical error
c_log_level_warn constant t_log_level := 2; — less critical error
c_log_level_info constant t_log_level := 4; — default level if debugging is enabled (for example, used by apex_application.debug)
c_log_level_app_enter constant t_log_level := 5; — application: messages when procedures/functions are entered
c_log_level_app_trace constant t_log_level := 6; — application: other messages within procedures/functions
c_log_level_engine_enter constant t_log_level := 8; — Application Express engine: messages when procedures/functions are entered
c_log_level_engine_trace constant t_log_level := 9; — Application Express engine: other messages within procedures/functions

APEX have a cool utility APEX_DEBUG. However, you need to enable as least level 4 to view meaningful logs in your PLSQL. I also notice that logging level 9 slows down your application a lot. Do remember to turn off the logs for production. With logs, we are back in business to troubleshooting APEX!


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