APEX Format URL and Passing Parameters for Outside Context

Oracle APEX URL is a strict syntax. This is something I realise after days of trying to link to Apex page. You cannot shift the position of the format as it is using f?p syntax to pass the arguments. This includes parameters which you wanted to pass to the page. This is even more challenging if you want to pass parameters from outside context.

Passing Parameters

A deformed URL syntax will still load Apex page. However, you will find that the parameters cannot be received. You can check via the Javascript in Apex by reading the parameters argument and console.log the values. Another reason is authenticated page vs public page. It seems that the parameters can only be passed via public page.

Passing parameters from outside context to Apex will require a different configuration. For the time being, public page is friendly to receiving these parameters. I will still need go search on how to get it working via authenticated page.


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