REST and Filter

I just found a simple solution to improve the latency for REST in Oracle APEX. One way is to set filter criterion in REST GET during the data synchronisation. You can use query string “q” in the parameters to filter your GET results like SQL. E.g. myid=“123” is equivalent to


Targeted Synchronisation

Unlike previous synchronisation method, setting these criteria helps to reduce amount of data. A GET of 500 records typically loads within 10s. At the UI, 10s is a lot of time to consider. Thus, it is advisable to keep your GET in less than 5 seconds. In our design, I changed to this approach of setting up filter in the query parameter to optimise synchronisation. This help to shaved 7s from 10s.

Further Tuning

The REST is best kept simple for speed. Therefore, you should not have complicated extraction for GET. Adding validations during the REST transmission is also a big no. Each milliseconds adds up and creates a slowness slowness effect for the UI .

It helps a lot to add filter for GET during the synchronisation. You will need to be careful in each stage from GET. Everything will adds up if you are not careful with latency.


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