Apex Dashboard

After weeks of tearing hair over Oracle Apex and REST, I finally understand the basic approaches of using REST in Apex. Now, I finally can have fun with Apex Dashboard. Transactional data can now be presented nicely with Apex Dashboard. This is not to be mistaken with analytical Dashboard like Tableau. These are my review of Apex Dashboard which I manage to setup within a day or two.

Photo by Ethan
Why Apex Dashboard?

Data always comes in two flavors: a list or diagram. Thus, it is nice to see dashboard as a standard template in Apex. We do not really need complex dashboard like Tableau. This is because we are dealing with operational data. Therefore, a chart presentation in dashboard format can easily relate to the user. A flexible part of Apex dashboard is the ability to use SQL. Viola! That is why I can churn out a decent dashboard within a day!

Agile your Dashboard

The quick and lightweight dashboard suits operational users and agile method. I can easily pilot the dashboard and update user requirements with ease. The rapid iteration allows users to visualise the data in an efficient manner. Sometimes, I even redo my dashboard quickly because the older version is not to my liking. You can even mix and match dashboard in region in Apex page.

It is good to have a tool with simple lightweight features like dashboard. I do not need to separate dedicated dashboard tools for operational users. Finally, the dashboard template adds a nice additional and visual appeal to users. After all, we like to be appealed with good UI and visual data.


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