Omicron 2022

2021 Covid-19 is ending with Omicron variant in the limelight. Omicron is expected the grace the opening of 2022. Unlike the gate crashing Delta in 2021, we have been getting used to these variants. Economies will be opening despite the risks. After all, lockdown are counter productive to trade. Physically and psychological, we are immune to Covid-19. Many changes have been accelerated and adopted to suit the a world of Covid.

Maslow Needs

Covid is a reality check to Maslow Needs theory. The lockdown have jolted us to realise that simple things like eggs or rice are dependent on trade in Singapore. The acute mad rush to stock up even for toilet rolls are a reminder that needs will alway comes first. The prolonged Covid-19 situation have changed on how we managed our needs against this pandemic. Once we cross these needs, it is time to follow our wants.

Press on for Omicron

Omicron impact will not be severe as the rest of Covid-19. This is because we are now adept to handle the different kinds of variants. Variants are expected to keep coming as we develop resistance to Covid-19. We may still look forward to our days of “not wearing masks” and “no ART”. A hybrid model will become normal as organisations adopt a standard COVID org chart. Trade and crowds will resume in the tolerance for COVID risks.

As we are welcoming 2022, the fear of omicron will be lesser and normalise. Many have accepted on how our needs are achieved in the post pandemic world. However, we know that these will not sustain for long because wants will push our acceptance towards COVID. It will be a busy 2022!


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