Beyond IT Implementation

I always find it interesting to read how our information system (IS) textbook describe the success of IT implementation. These books are also compressed theoretical example of how other factors will affect IT deployment like system adoption and change management. In reality, there are other components that determine the real success of system deployment.

Culture and Relationship

Many of textbooks have been entrenched from the fundamentals of academic research. This is why the studies are less focused on the Asian context. You will find that culture and relationships are playing an important role in the deployment of new system initiatives in Asia. You will be surprise to know that the usage of system can be encouraged via relationships. In other cultures, these could be determined with hierarchy influences.

Resistance is Norm

As times passed, I come to realise that resistance to new system implementation is a norm. It is common to hear good feedback of the systems with the contradictions of data. Age do play a factor because it is really hard to accept change with it. A good cultural environment which embrace change and innovation will play a crucial antidote to resistance. Just as we accept resistance as norm, shouldn’t we create an acceptance environment?

The step beyond IT implementation is often missed out in reality. Cultures and relationships do play a key role in many of IT implementation on the field. Likewise, resistance to new system is norm. It is best that we create a favorable environment to accept resistance before we go for new system implementation.


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