Moving Forward InTo Cloud

The gold rush for Cloud have been started. You can say many organisations are caught off guard when COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard. Many current cloud implementations are being accelerated by Cloud providers. However, it is time that you must know what you are moving forward into.

Pick Wisely

There are many Cloud providers now. Incidentally, you can also view it as the death of on premise applications. This is because many applications had shifted their development for cloud applications. With so much choices, you need to choose and pick wisely. Do not jump into cloud for the sake of it. The end of support for on premise is usually announced early. Do consider at least 2 to 3 years to plan and pick your cloud applications for any major move.

Manage your Risk

A neglected area when moving to cloud is risk management. There are many horror stories on expectation gaps for many cloud move. Do consider to apply risk management in your cloud move. You should also be prepared to use multi cloud options to replace your legacy applications. Another common risk area is containerisation of applications. Thus, you may want to pilot cloud to explore risk areas and implement mitigation approaches.

The rush into Cloud could be hasty and headache for many applications owners. It is best to plan ahead and understand each cloud providers. You should learn mitigate your risks with pilot Cloud implementation. This way, your journey into cloud will be a breeze.


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