Resource Management 101

Interestingly, resource management is a basis of several project management. However, there is a common gap between user expectations and actual resources. Users do not have notions of how resources are acquired and utilised. There are also middle layers or coordinator teams who portray a misconception of unlimited resources. This is where you need to emphasis the reality of resource management.

Fluid Resources

In the Agile world, we need to upskill our resources to be multi talented. This will allows you to manage your resources pool with ease. To achieve fluidity, many organisations are turning to in-house resources to support core projects. Common IT support or infrastructure should be outsource accordingly. This way, you can build and retain critical knowledge within the organisation.

Agile Planning

If you have adopt Agile, you can easily ensure a constant Agile team for your projects. Agile planning are fast and allows consistent load in sprint. You may also choose DevOps as another option to reduce the gaps in user expectations. Unlike waterfall project plan, you will not be subjected to Big Bang delivery and need to load additional resources.

Resource management have come a long way from the era of waterfall. You must reorg for Agile team structure. This way, you can retain consistent deliverables within a sprint and also key knowledge among the team. It is also time to scrap project management or coordinate role who try to arrange for resources. If you can agile, go for it and build your team.


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