System Adoption Resistance

In the course of many project implementation, the major challenges that I seen will be system adoption resistance. Humans by nature are resistance to change. With new technologies, this is one of the most common barriers. Users will seek to provide ample reasons not to adopt the new systems. These are some common reasons that I get from users.

Common Factors of Resistance

Many users will cite these issues as reasons not to adopt new systems.

  • The system is not user friendly.
  • The features does not capture the data I wanted.
  • The system does not allow me to edit the data.
  • The system is slow.
  • The system does not provide reminders.
  • The reports does not contain what I wanted.
  • The report data is inaccurate and different from my excel.
  • I am not happy with the system.
The Real Reasons?

You may this excuses are all pertaining to technologies. Users will not want to change existing process. Some system implementation may even results in loss of jobs. All these concerns results in total resistant from middle management to operations to resist adopting the new system. You may even find attempts to “sabo” aka sabotage the system with dirty data. Being system, dirty data will result in incorrect output like reports.

Technologies have reached a stage where many features are feasibility and cost effective. However, the issue of system adoption resistance remains. Users will give 1001 reasons to kill off system implementation. Unless firm change is implemented from top down, it is hard to remove this issue from bottom up.


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