Working in 2022?

After 2 years of COVID-19, we are getting pretty fatigue by the different variants. This is the longest pandemic since SARS, MERS, and H1N1. The challenging part of transmission is the asymptomatic symptoms and the rate it can spread quickly, silently and sometimes deadly. This is what I hope to see and do for working during 2022.

A Relook on Mask

It makes no sense to mask on in office cubicle. This is one reason of comfort to work from home. Working environment should be comfortable and masks required only for high touch and high density crowd. I hope to see better mask design for front-liners who mask throughout the day. After all, we should invest in mask sustainability for a pandemic that is here to stay.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working model will be the future. It will be hard to go back to before on crowded desk space and office areas. We should see the emergence of shared spaces and flexible hybrid model. Not all teams are the same and working should be flexible to the team discretion. It will be effective to converge for meetings rather being in office during alternate fixed periods. Thus, working in person is driven by needs rather than wants. I need to be in office for meetings. It should not be I want you to be in office!

Working in 2022 will continue to be challenging due to ongoing COVID-19 variants. Organisations must be flexible to maximise benefits of being in office rather than working in office to be seen. Office space should also be reconfigured for spacing. It must also be safe to remove masks so that I can work in the comfort of my own cubicle!


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