Creating a personal brand with WordPress and your personal domain name

  1. Select a top level (TLD) domain in the domain name registar (.com, .sg, .org). Different TLD comes with different cost and conditions.
  2. Start domain name search. e.g.
  3. Buy a domain name with either WordPress or Domain Name Registrar e.g. GoDaddy
  4. WordPress must be upgraded to Personal or Premium Plan to use personal domain name.
  5. You can skip step 3 as WordPress provide a free custom domain for a year with the paid plan.
    • I prefer buying direct from Domain Name Registrar as there are discounted rates.
  6. Create your WordPress site and link WordPress to your domain name,
    • Select Manage > Domains > Use My Own Domain
  7. Go to your domain provider site and point your name servers to:
  8. For GoDaddy Site, go to My Domains > Domain Settings > Manage DNS > Change custom namservers.
  9. Wait for 1hr to 24 hours for your domain name to be propagated across the world.
  10. Test your domain > It will link to your WordPress if the nameservers are updated correctly.
Total Cost
Cost TypeMonthly (USD)
Domain Registration (5 years)$0.9
WordPress Premium Plan$11
Monthly Cost of Personal Site with WordPress

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