How to setup Google Analytics in WordPress using WordPress Premium Plan

WordPress: Tools > Marketing
  1. It is very easy to setup Google Analytics in WordPress with Premium Plan once you realise the steps and below steps show you the fastest way to set it up.
  2. Therefore, you are recommended to upgrade your WordPress to Premium Plan, which cost about USD$11/month.
  3. Create and setup your Google Analytics account. It is free with basics features.
  4. Now, you do not need the tracking ID and code if you are familiar with Google Analytics with a next generation of Google Analytics called Google Analytics 4.
  5. In place of the missing tracking ID, you can see a new concept called Data Stream and measurement ID (G-XXXXXXX) once you setup the Google Analytics property.
  6. Create both a Google Analytics 4 property and a Universal Analytics property.
  7. Choose Google Analytics 4 property, go to Data Stream and view measurement ID.
  8. Copy the measurement ID to be used for WordPress later.
  9. In WordPress web version,
    • Go to Tools > Marketing > Traffic > Google Analytics.
  10. You will find a text box called measurement ID.
  11. Paste your measurement ID there.
  12. Viola! Integration of Google Analytics to WordPress is now completed.
  13. Wait for a day for the data to be send to your Google Analytics account.
WordPress: Marketing > Traffic
WordPress: Traffic > Google Analytics Measurement ID

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