How to view Google Analytics and Statistics in WordPress

There are two ways to view your visitors for your website. Google analytics is a good comprehensive view of your visitors demographic and trending topics. However, you will require WordPress premium plan for Google Analytics integration. WordPress also provide a default statistics.

Google Analytics
  1. Desktop > Go to Google Analytics.
  2. Login with your Gmail account.
  3. Select the domain name if you have more than 1.
  4. Mobile > Download Google Analystics.
  5. Similarly, Login with your Gmail account.
  6. It will take about 24 hours to populate the data.
WordPress Statistics
  1. Go to My Sites > Stats.
  2. You can view Traffic, Insight or Ads.
  3. Traffic is similar to Google Analytics with less details.
  4. Insight is something related to WordPress and your posts vs the traffic. It will give you a clue to the type of content, tags and categories that will attract more audiences.
  5. Ads is another feature which Google Analytics will not have because WordAds is enabled by WordPress Premium Plan itself.

Overall, Google Analytics gives a detailed breakdown of traffic compared to WordPress stats. The advantages of WordPress stats are the correlation of traffic vs type of content. The Ads stats also give a good view of $$ made from your content. Of course, I will do a detailed review once I made my first $100 from Ads. 😁


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