Pseudocode as a Job Skill

Java, PHP, JavaScript and C are some of popular programming languages that have been used in application development and widely stated in job requirements. Yes, I deliberately drop Python because I still feel it is trendy due to machine learning (ML). However, Pseudocode is one job skill that has been neglected to be stated in mainstream job ads.

What is Pseudocode?

Pseudocoding is not actually a programming language but a technique to describe readable system steps for users and developer. It is structured in such a way that is readable for end users yet functional for developer to code in any languages.

Sample Pseudocode
Why Pseudocode?

In my “old days”, pseudocode is important and taught as part of computer subject. It is a must-have skill for all coders for its emphasis on algorithm over programming syntax. As such, it is surprising to me now that some coders do not know pseudocode when being asked to demonstrate this skill. A good coder with strong Pseudocode skillset can easily switch across different programming languages compared to one who only know certain programming languages.

How to Choose Excellent Coders

Like all arts, normal coders are easy to find. The excellent ones needs to be sift through the midst of programming languages as they transcend across different codings. One way to identify such developers is to apply the fundamental practice of using Pseudocode. There will be a shift in mindset to reduce the reliance of hard skill and turn to applying the basic logic of programming with Pseudocoding.


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