Digital Demand for IT Jobs

The Hype of Digital Transformation give rise to a sudden surge for IT jobs. In the wake of COVID-19, demand of IT jobs become stronger. There are also many who have made the switch from non-IT to IT skillset. While the hype is there, should you jump to the bandwagon?

Here are some reasons that you should not unless…
  • Always work for your passion, not to chase the trend.
  • IT is a constant upgrading career. Be resilient and enter at your own risk.
  • There is a demand for flexible skillset, which is techno-functional skill or pseudo coding. A lot list of technical skills are the norm now. A showcase of technical skills or full stack is what everyone have now.
  • Taking IT course does not give you a ticket to IT career. Embrace what you learn and apply it to your daily life. Build your personal website or mobile application.
  • Code for love and love to code!

Lastly, practice makes perfect! All coding are 1 and 0. Knowing different coding does not give you the USP. The key is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Do know where you want to be in 5 or 10 years time!


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