Resilience Coding

All Roads Lead to Rome

Medieval Latin

Coding is becoming a commodity now from learner as young as six to oldest at 82. A simple code can be IF ELSE logic in excel formula. Codes can also be easily recorded and auto generated like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The emphasis had evolved to objective driven coding more than a means to an end.

Fundamental is Resilience

Like a Kungfu master, the key in being resilience lies in a strong foundation. There are many good coders around, so what makes you stand out? Basics and fundamental allows you to focus and be resilience in achieving your end. There are so many similar solutions around. The one thing that differ lies in your fundamental mindset to path your coding to your “Rome”.

Cloud Computing Power

In the past, computing power was limited and constrained by disk storage. There was much focus on elegant codes to achieve the results. Now, it has shifted to getting what we wanted instead of how to get it. Moreover, Cloud technologies allow you to scaled your computing power easily. One such coding language to achieve popularity is Python. Its is geared towards readability and resilience aka machine learning.

Machine Learning is Resilience

Machine learning is not human intelligence. It is just a means of resilience codes leveraging on raw computing power. The perspective of coding is less elegant now and more towards being resilience. After all, you are less likely to be limited by disk storage or computing power. You have more cloud techniques at your disposal to achieve your results. If you give up, you fail. If you are resilience, so will be your codes!


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