Marie Kondo of Coding

There is a sudden surge in coding where anyone can claim to know coding especially with Python and Machine Learning. Driven by demand, many attempt the switch to coding just by taking a course. However, for those whose are familiar in this industry, coding is not as easy as ABC. Picking up is easy but to sustain your interest in coding is even harder. Do you know there is a wide variety of coding? Which coding style brings you joy? Here is a way to apply Marie Kondo approach to coding to learn about your coding interest.

How to Marie Kondo your Coding.
  1. Why do you learn coding?
  2. Which coding spark joy?
  3. What is your place in coding?
  4. Where do you code best?
This is my Way of Coding

I learn coding because I enjoy creating things and making them work. I find joy in interpreter and scripting languages like PHP and JavaScript. Needless to say, my lazy self sway towards non-strict languages instead of language like Java. I usually function as SME (Subject Matter Expert) coding where a bridge is required between business and IT. For that area, exploratory and innovation area intrigue me the most.

So what’s your Maria Kondo way of Coding?

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